Equipment: Signal Pistol, Signal Flare

Signal Pistol2001.6 kg
- Signal Flare1500.25 kg

Signal Flare
Signal flares are miniature rockets which quickly travel to a predetermined altitude and emit a sustained burst of bright light. They can be used to draw attention, mark locations, or communicate in situations where normal communications are unavailable for whatever reason. It's even possible to choose what colour light the flare emits.

The user chooses if he wants the flare to be visible upon launch, from orbit, or both. At launch means that the flare begins emitting light as soon as it's fired, travels 20 meters, and is easily visible for ten rounds to anyone with a clear line of sight. Alternatively, the user can launch the flare and it will remain unlit until reaching a minimum safe altitude, then emitting a much stronger light which can be noticed by starships in orbit around the planet. Selecting both will fire a flare visible to anyone on the ground with a clear line of sight at launch, which will then emit the stronger burst upon reaching the minimum safe altitude.

Signal Pistol
Similar to a standard slugthrower, signal pistols are a firearm exclusively for launching signal flares. Designed primarily for use in the field, under adverse conditions, signal pistols are generally sturdy and reliable items.

Signal pistols are single-shot, and must be reloaded after each use. It is a swift action to switch between the launch, orbit or both settings, and a swift action to change the colour of light emitted by the flare.

Fired at another being, the signal pistol makes for a very poor substitute weapon. Attack rolls made with a signal pistol suffer a -10 penalty to hit, and the impact of the flare inflicts 1d8 points of damage. Safety features prevent the orbital burst use of the flare, but the launch setting is still bright enough.


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