Feat: Toppling Assault

Toppling Assault
You are an indomitable force, knocking down anyone standing between you and your target.

Prerequisite: Str 15, Medium or larger size, base attack bonus +6, Powerful Charge, Trip

Benefit: As part of a charge action, you can knock down opponents in your way. Upon entering a square adjacent to an opponent you perform a melee attack against their Fortitude Defense and, if succesful, knock them prone

You may not make more than one knock down attempt against an individual opponent. You take a cumalitive -5 penalty to attack rolls for every knock down attempt. The target adds its size modifier to its Fortitude Defense: Colossal, +50; Gargantuan, +20; Huge, +10:, Large, +5; Medium and smaller, +0.

Add to the Soldier's Bonus Feat list


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