"Luke, you switched off your targeting computer; is everything alright?"

It's a good thing I don't do this for a living, 'cause I would starve to death.

Seeing as there are a few folks interested enough in this project that they've actually decided to follow the blog, I kinda feel as though I owe an explination. I got stuck figureing out how to stat up a chracter, and then other distractions happened, and the project fell by the wayside. Probably won't be the last time that sort of thing happens.

Anyways, I'm back on board, but before I get to any new content, it's time to go back and make some revisions to previous posts. An advantage to this format is that I can edit things as the need arises to maintain a more internally consistant universe. Some of the official Saga sourcebooks could benefit from the same. Looking at you, 'Legacy Era Campaign Guide'.

Changes ahead:

- One of the SWTOR developers confirmed that the Unnamed Jedi from the 'Hope' trailer is actually Satele Shan, so I need to make some revisions to both that build, and the 'Sacking of Coruscant' build, so they're not the same character. Which is kinda funny, because when I was originally stating up Satele, I did so with the specific intent of trying to differentiate her from the Unnamed Jedi.

- I've wanted to do a revision of Darth Malgus almost since the moment I posted him, so now seems as good a time as any to do so.

- Shortly after posting the builds for Baras and Angral, I realised I'd low-balled their levels, stating them from a GM's perspective as opposed to from a narrative perspective, if that makes sense. These are important dudes, after all, trusted by the Emperor himself to formulate and carry out a plan to bring the Republic to it's knees. You can see that my stats for Orgus have him significantly more powerful, where as all things considered, Baras and Angral should be about on par with the Jedi Master.

- Looking at the ships, they're all a bit cookie cutter. Which makes sense considering I used the guidelines in 'Starships of the Galaxy' to create them, but looking back, I could be happier, so minor changes just to mix things up.

I'll make a new sidebar listing which posts have been updated as they are.

After that, it's time to finish THE THREAT OF PEACE, than on to the 'Decieved' trailer, the Decieved novel, and there are two brand new starships posted on the official SWTOR site. That should keep me busy for a while.