SP Series Espionage Droid

One of several models of droid used for the purpose of information gathering and espionage by the Empire, the SP Series appears to be a common protocol droid. However, the SP series boasts a state of the art holorecording suite, a hidden memory core and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to improvise and lie as the situation requires to avoid detection and complete its assignment.

Though not manufactured in mass numbers -- to better avoid detection and exposure of the entire line -- SP droids can be found scattered across the republic and in some unaligned systems, as aides to high ranking politicians and officials.

SP series droids can be played as droid heroes.

SP Series Espionage Droid : CL 2
Medium droid (4th-degree) nonheroic 3/noble 1
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +8
Languages Basic, Binary, 4 unassigned

Defenses Ref 12 (flat-footed 12), Fort 11, Will 14
hp 10; Threshold 11
Immune droid traits

Speed 6 squares (walking)
Melee unarmed +1 (1d3-1)
Ranged by weapon +2
Base Atk +2; Grp +1
Special Actions Presence

Abilities Str 8, Dex 10, Con --, Int 14, Wis 12, Chr 14
Talents Presence
Feats Linguist, Skill Focus (Gather Information), Skill Training (Knowledge [Bureaucracy])
Skills Deception +9, Gather Information +14, Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +9, Perception +8
Systems walking locomotion, 2 hand apendages, heuristic processor, vocabulator, improved sensor package, translator unit (DC 15), hidden core, internal commlink, holorecorder.
Possessions pocket scrambler
Availility Military; Cost 5,400 credits



  1. Carteris6/10/2012

    Guess what? I'm playing SWTOR, and I love it. I'm also trying to run a Saga edition game in the SWTOR setting. I stumbled onto this blog looking for resources to do so, and there's plenty of great stuff here!

    I notice that you haven't posted any new material in about a year. If you've discontinued the project, I'm sorry to learn of it. I hope things are going alright with you, and hope you might decide to start up again. This is cool stuff, and useful. If you need a hand, I'd be happy to collaborate with you.

    Best wishes.
    -Major Carteris, Commanding Officer Havoc Squad

  2. Hey!

    Seems like it's really been a while. Hopefully youcan get back to stating some stuff, especially with the new SWTOR addon and all. :-)

    I love Saga edition and it would be good there's people still playing it :)